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Why should I get my photographs printed or framed?

You may be thinking "I only want digital files" of the photographs that we will be taking. Maybe you just want to share them with friends and family over social media. Maybe you are thinking of printing them at your local store and putting them in a box somewhere. So why should you consider something different?

Firstly, photographs of beautiful moments that are special to you should be treasured and displayed. Walking past a beautiful framed image each day will give you joy at the memory of that image, that time, your family (and how things change so quickly!). Having a beautifully crafted album or keepsake box on display will give you something tangible to touch, see and share with family and friends. 

Secondly, quality is important. This is especially true when you are investing in such beautiful photographs of you and your loved ones. There is a discernible difference in the quality of photographs printed at your local store and fine art prints printed professionally at a photography lab. There is also a tangible difference between cheap frames and canvases and those made by professional framers and printers which last much longer. 

We offer fine art printing (mounted or unmounted), beautiful professional handcrafted wooden frames, handmade linen boxes and displays and beautiful bamboo keepsake boxes. If you would like to see and touch any of these products to see the difference yourself I am happy to bring some along to our session. 

A pricelist of our a la carte menu is available and below are listed a sample of some of the more popular sizes. Feel free to email me for our menu. 

Framed Prints

Framed prints are manufactured in Australia using high end Italian hardwood moulding. They are available in 6 stunning woodgrain colours and also come in black or white with a smooth, satin finish.

Available in a huge range of sizes, framed prints can on a wall individually or as a collection. Discounts available when buying more than 1 frame.

8x10"     $120

11x14"    $200

16x20"    $260

20x30"    $320

30x40"    $440


Canvas is a very popular way of displaying photographs around the home. These are available as standard canvas or with a surrounding frame in black, white or  6 beautiful woodgrain colours

Available in a number of sizes: prices start at $140


Our albums are printed in Australia on gorgeous Fine Art matte paper, creased down the centre of the page ensuring a layflat design that provides an uninterrupted view. These albums are hand wrapped in linen and personalised with gold embossing on the cover.

Our custom albums are 10x10" with 12 sides. Also available in 8x12""


Linen keepsake box

These beautiful boxes are handmade in Australia from sturdy timber with each piece individually hand wrapped with beautiful linen. Ribbon closure and personalised embossing with gold foil finishes these beautiful keepsakes. 

They are perfect for storing mounted prints or to be used for your gorgeous newborn keepsakes. Includes 5 mounted prints. Available in two sizes:

8x10" linen keepsake box $300

11x14" linen keepsake box $350


Wooden frame box

These beautiful boxes are handmade in Australia from Victorian Ash.  Each box is available in 4 woodstain colours, lined with suede and have a gorgeous ribbon lift out. They come with a perspex lid so you can see the beautiful print underneath and when turned on their side they double as a photo frame. Also available with a floating handtorn lid

They are able to store up to 10 mounted prints or to be used for your gorgeous newborn keepsakes. 10 mounted prints are included.

8x10" wooden keepsake box $420

11x14" wooden keepsake box $500


5x7" announcement cards. These beautiful customised birth announcements are perfect for sending to family and friends to announce the birth of your little one and to send thank yous for gifts. 

Pack of 20    $44

Fine Art Prints

Printed on high quality fine art matte paper. Lustre also available on request. Available in any size. An economical option if you want to frame images yourself or would like to put in your own album / keepsake box. Discounts available for multiples

Popular sizes include:

5x7"      $10

8x10"     $20

11x14"     $40

16x20"    $100

24x36"    $140

Mounted Prints

Available in black or white. Mounted prints come printed on fine art paper and assembled ready for framing. Sizes are for the frame mount measurements on the external edge

5x7""    $20 

8x10"    $50 

11x14"    $90 

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